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The initial program includes the study of the soul as our full name and date of birth already form an existing frequency, an identity full of information.

The holistic knowledge of a person includes all of his being, both the spirit and the body. The spirit is the ultimate wisdom, and when the spirit is at peace, the body is healthy.

This study includes different symbols, such as the secrets of the Marseille tarot, the Hebrew letters, Yi Jing, but also plants and the symbolism of the body as in Chinese medicine (meridians, organs), the Kaballah tree of life and biological decoding. Tuning fork sounds and waveforms are also incorporated into this study.

The conscience plays a significant role, as it creates the fundamental balance between the body and the spirit. Your state of conscience creates your biological state.

From there, we can see the clear benefit of putting into words and using symbols, as the latter are not limited in space and time ; they act through our family tree. They even allow us to reprogram our cells via our conscience and understanding.

Our intuition is multidimensional, the body knows this and acts wisely, it communicates and guides us on the right path. The Chinese tied medicine to politics, the better their population’s health, their stronger the economy flourished.

This study can also be extended to the alchemy of a couple.

Consultation on appointment
Price : 120 euros 1H30


Soul reading was, for me, a unique experience from which I did not emerge unscathed. And hear the positive in that.
It allowed me to understand the functioning and defense mechanisms that I had put in place in spite of myself. I can say that during our session, revelations were made. Quite disconcerting I must say, but which allowed me little by little to free myself and to finally take the taste of risk again.
I am back in my own boat...the rudder is now mine!

Sophie R

Thank you

To bring to light our Soul and to give it back its rightful place in this incarnation``.
This is how I define in a few words my experience with Stella, what she did for me, in one hour, one small hour. I will never forget this meeting, where I arrived in full duality, in full search of myself, of my Soul of which I was not conscious.
I left enlightened, everything was revealed, linked, connected: what I am through my Soul, my mission as an incarnate, why and how. I finally understood. The ``nothing`` gave way to the ``everything``.
Becoming aware of our Soul, of our divine essence and of the ``everything`` that accompanies it, is what we receive from Stella, like a grace, a blessing, in Universal Love.



Stella has a unique approach that allowed me to understand my blocks. She is
She is very connected with you during the session and told me things that I had been feeling for a long time and other things that I was missing to move forward. I was very sensitive to her very fine intelligence and her humanity. I highly recommend her.