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A 23 precious plants oil based serum for a complete night care.

30 ml – 1 fl oz

Avocado – Bourage – Carotte – Hemp – Labdanum – Orange Flower – Iris –
Jojoba – Macadamia – Frankincense – Raisins – Damask Rose – Musk Rose – Sesame – Tamanu – Vanilla – Vetiver

Face Care / Night / All skin types

Serum Sacré is composed of a harmonious blending of 10 oils bringing together multiple properties for skin care: moisturizing, nourishment, smoothing, anti-oxydation, anti-radiations, cell regeneration, scar repair, protection and revitalization.

The plant oils are virgin, cold-pressed and are not refined. They have preserved their high level of natural fatty acids (Omega 3-6-9) and their vitamins. The fresh vanilla pods and iris roots are macerated for a considerable time in the plant oils.

Serum Sacré also contains some of the most precious essential oils including Rose, Neroli, Incense and Labdanum, which on top of their physiological properties also provide numerous benefits on an emotional level.

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