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Perfume is food for the soul. Each plant resonates with the frequency of our being. Let ourselves be the guardians of our own original frequency. When plant cells enter our body, they activate our DNA and this leads to a change in our frequency. The more precise and qualitative your choice of essence is, the higher the frequency of the plants will be, and this will increase your own. This also provides each one of us with a protection against low frequency vibrations.

Plants are the guidance that accompanies us on our life’s path, so that we can become ourselves, return to our true selves, to our creativity, and to our divinity. We are therefore guided to encourage our spiritual conscience and our development.

Be free to live without boundaries and you will understand that each new intention creates light which will condense to create your new reality.

Our task consists of anchoring a new frequency to our earth and to embed itperfectly within ourselves.



In the same way that a precious stone or a crystal has the well-known power to diffuse radiant vibrations, perfume does the same, diffusing waves all around us. These waves deepen the resonance within ourselves and with all that surrounds us.

Fragrances also influence our emotional, psychic and spiritual states. Physio- chemical analyses have revealed the direct links between health and the sense of smell. Our emotion producing limbic system is impacted directly by our olfactory sense, demonstrating that the scent of high-quality essential oils can encourage a rebalance of our state of mind. Fear, stress, anger, lack of self-confidence or difficulty in focusing can be resolved in this way.

Stella Giodanengo, perfume designer and therapist, has always had a keen interest in the powers of fragrances and minerals. Based on studies of alchemy and archetypal nature, astrological maps, the origin and the initial program of each individual client ordering, she designs a personal perfume which includes all of their potentialities.

A perfume which calls on unlimited quantities of the most beautiful aromatic essences, nestling in the semi-precious stone of a hand chiseled crystal bottle, in order to regenerate diminishing energy, and which has been personalized and tuned to the musical note F major, the note of the heart.

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Annick Le Guerer, Anthopologist, Philosopher, Historian, Specialist in the
Sense of Smell and Perfumes, Writer of < Les Pouvoirs de l’Odeur >