Stella creates your custom perfume

Perfume is food for the soul. Each vegetal element of it vibrates with the person frequency. Let us be the guadains of our original frequency ; when the plants become part of our body, they activate core DNA and lead us to a change of frequency. The more accurate and precise the choice of essences, the higher the vibrational enlightment. Thus also providing a protection against low frequency vibrations.

Plants are guides leading our lifestyle to re-center around the self, come back to one’s true nature, creativity and divinity. We are then lead to higher our consciousness and our perspectives.

Be free to be, without boundaries, and you will realise that each step creates light, condensing into the glow of your new reality.

The core task revolves around anchoring a new frequency on earth by rooting it perfectly into yourself.


Annick Le Guerer talks about SAMA

Ina. Simliar facshion to stones and crystals which have the power, as nowadays recognized, to radiate light vibrations, perfume emits around us waves. It leads us to a state of deep resonance between our self and the world around us.

Fragrances also have an effect on our emotional, psychic and spiritual state. Physio-chemical analyses have demonsrated direct links between health and the sense of smell. As the sense of smell is directly impacting our limbic system, from which derives our emotions, it becomes and evidence that the scent of high quality essential oils can allow a rebalancing of our state of mind. Fear, stress, lack of self-confidence, anger or difficulty to focus can be resolved by these practices.

Stella Giodanengo, healer and perfume designer, always had a keen interest for the powers of fragrances and minerals. Based on alchemic wisdom, studies of the archetypal nature, astrological map and initial program of each willing indiviual, she designs a customized perfume decanting all their potentialities.

A perfume using in unlimited quantities the highest and most beautiful smells, nested in a semi-precious high energy hand ciselled crystal bottle enabling higher eergies t condense, and resonating with the F muscial note, the one fo the heart.

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Annick Le Guerer, Anthopologist, Philosopher, Historian, Writer of “l’Odorat et du Parfum.”

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